Sexton out, Tallon in as Florida Panthers restructure GM's office

After less than a calendar year, Randy Sexton has been replaced as general manager of the Florida Panthers by former Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon; the move will be officially announced Tuesday according to the Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten. Whether Sexton remains in some other capacity is yet to be seen, but I'm doubting it.

Co-owners Stu Siegel and Cliff Viner had several months ago promised a number of extensive changes to be implemented throughout the offseason, and this could definitely be considered "extensive".

This is an action that probably even most Sexton fans (of which I am one) can get behind; the club has finally hired a bona fide, post-lockout (read: salary cap) experienced and solidly respected manager. No disrespect to Sexton, and we're certainly not planning parades quite yet, but this guy's the real deal.

The 59 year-old Tallon, a former NHL defenseman with Vancouver, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, is generally considered the architect of the today's Chicago lineup, having with a bit of luck drafted Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews while wooing Marian Hossa to the 'Hawks, among many others.

The move allows for just over five weeks preparation time heading into the Entry Draft. And while he waits for the new office to be painted, there's always this appetizer to tackle.

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