Short Take: Flyers beat Cats in SO, 3-2

Gotta make this one quick, so borrowing a line from Princess Vespa's failed wedding to Prince Valium: "Here's the short SHORT version".

Simon Gagne scored on Philadelphia's third SO attempt, while an all-night-aloof Nathan Horton scrubbed it with the follow up. This wasn't the whole game, however.

Power plays galore for the Cats, after the Flyers dominated the final 15 minutes of the first.

Philly honestly played catch-up for the last two periods - even after taking a two-goal lead, eventually losing it on goals by McCabe and Bouwmeester.

A high-energy, fast-paced game which really woke up in the second frame.

Even at the end, Panthers faithful can't be too dissatisfied: now tied in points with Carolina at 47, though Pittsburgh won their evening, going up by one.

Much more tomorrow, with a game recap/game preview in the morning.