LBC’s 2018 Playoff Predictions Contest: Final Round

NYCPanther takes the top spot in Round Three

NYCPanther was the third round winner in our little contest, going a perfect 2-0 for a total of 7 points. NYCPanther was the only contestant to correctly predict both series and called the Capitals in seven games to get an additional bonus point.

That’s right, after collectively kicking some serious a$$ in the first two rounds, the LBC community took a beating in the Conference Finals.

Honorable mention goes out to meisenbergpanthers and joerockhead (4 points) for picking the Capitals in seven games.  Eleven other players picked one of the two series correctly. The rest of us finished with a big... fat... zero.

If you didn’t enter the first three rounds, no problem... you can jump in right now. There are round by round winners, in addition to an overall winner at the end.

Round Three Results

  • NYCPanther 7
  • meisenbergpanthers 4
  • joerockhead  4
  • Colonel Bob   3
  • Ruski   3
  • Pantherfan_93  3
  • sterling59   3
  • NDPanther  3
  • Zim!   3
  • Najski   3
  • AussiePantherFan  3
  • calvey  3
  • DayZeroPantherFan  3
  • dcfish    0
  • toddlittle827   0
  • MichaelVal  0
  • kSelvig   0
  • Jeff Lipson   0
  • thebiz34      0
  • pucknball   0
  • jt991014     0
  • Panthers Underground  0
  • JimboCoppertone  0
  • JakeCPanther  0
  • Barkovthe18yearold 0
  • CatatonicCatalyst  0
  • merlin94   0/

Final Round (Stanley Cup)

  • Washington Capitals vs Vegas Golden Knights/

The scoring for the fourth round will remain the same, three points for a correct prediction and a bonus point for calling the winner in the correct amount of games. The tiebreaker this time will be the total amount of combined goals scored by both teams series. Please enter your picks in the comment section mirroring the example below. Remember, there is a round-by-round winner and an overall winner at the end, so even if you didn’t enter or do so good in the first, second, or third round, get or stay in the game. Good luck!

Example Picks

Golden Knights (7) - total goals: 33