LBC's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilerific Open Forum

Single-minded, we are not.

A lot of us in this community are Star Wars fans, be it of the original trilogy or the prequel variety which followed years later. Actually not the latter. Anyone who has spent limited time in the GameThreads knows nary a night goes by without a few mentions of the classic space opera. Many others 'round this site have no particular interest in the series, and that's just dandy, too. Whatever your loyalties, we strive to meet your needs, and right now there exists a need to be fulfilled.

Two needs, to be honest: one, to present a welcome place for Panthers fans to banter over The Force Awakens - spoilers and all - if they so choose and second, to keep LBC's Caterwauls, GameThreads, and generally every other post's comment section spoiler-free and relatively light on the long-awaited new film's arrival.

Pandering? Not at all. Folks within the community have asked for it, just as they have asked for dedicated posts regarding weekly episodes of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. We've resisted on those and a few others so far, but this is Star Wars.

Click bait? No question, but we're (-cough-) performing a public service here of course.

That said, here's a final warning: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK BELOW AS SPOILERS ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED FOR THE SAKE OF DISCUSSION. If you are waiting to see the movie cold - like myself - avoid this space until you see the picture, then come on back and roll with your own thoughts/links/theories. I'm personally not going to get near it until having witnessed TFA "with my own eyes". Again, please please please out of respect for your community members keep the regular articles outside of this area spoiler-free.

What's in here, you ask? Only what you take with you...