Stephen Weiss aims to become Panthers all-time leader in everything

With the season focusing on a bright future and several new faces on the roster, it's pretty easy to forget about the players from Panthers past. While the past decade wasn't the best hockey, there's always been one guy who's made it kinda easy to watch. That guy is Stephen Weiss. Weiss has been with the organization longer than any player on the roster and has been though six general managers, five head coaches, and zero playoff appearances in all of his 557 games with the Panthers. In the next two seasons, Weiss is expected to break many team records. In fact, besides the goaltending records, only Plus/Minus and Penalties in Minutes are out of his reach.

After the jump, find out what few team records Weiss should break in the next two seasons...

Games Played: Current team record held by Radek Dvorak with 613. Weiss has 557 games, and needs only 56 games.
Goals: Current team record held by Olli Jokinen with 188. Weiss has 124, and needs 64 to tie.
Assists: Current team record held by Olli Jokinen with 231. Weiss has 209, and needs 22 to tie.
Points: Current team record held by (wait for it) Olli Jokinen with 419. Weiss has 333, and needs 86 to become the team greatest scorer.
Even Strength Goals: Jokinen has 115, Weiss has 79. 36 goals is all Weiss needs on 5-on-5 play.
Power Play Goals: Scott Mellanby has 66,
Jokinen has 65, and Weiss has 42. 24 goals will be needed with the extra man, if David Booth doesn't mind.
Short-Handed Goals: Radek Dvorak has 16, Weiss has 3. These 13 goals might take a while.
Game-Winning Goals: Olli Jokinen has 36, Weiss has 17, and Booth has 16. Who would score 19 goals to win 19 games first?
Shots: Olli Jokinen has 1837, Weiss has 1072. That's 765 shots separating them.

Looks like I need a Weiss jersey.