Steven Reinprecht to get a chance with Panthers this season?

Following our previous story on the Panthers Reinprecht question, we were made aware of some discussion amongst Adler Mannheim fans regarding his fate. It appears though Adler Mannheim Manager Teal Fowler originally expected the Panthers to buy out Reinprecht's contract whereupon Adler would sign him for next year, but he now says that he expects they will not have Reinprecht to start the season after all. Fowler stated that there following all the changes in Florida, that he now expects Reinprecht to start the season with the Panthers and compete for a spot on the team. However Fowler also said that he is still in contact with Reinprecht's agent and Adler Mannheim is still interested in him playing there and that Reinprecht is interested in returning to the club should things not work out with the Panthers. Original German articles here:

(Please note that I know enough German that I was able to parse a little more information than what the Google Translate could provide but not good enough to translate the interview to reprint here).