Tallon comments from NHL GM Meetings


Pretty standard fare from Panthers general manager Dale Tallon on NHL Home Ice this afternoon, but always worth a listen...and no, the above graphic was not from today.

On Florida's defensive prospects:

"We're going to continue to look at the depth chart and see if Erik Gudbranson and Alex Petrovic make our team. We added to the depth of the organization through the draft last year; they're young still but I think they're very confident and if they make our team it'll make us better but we also still have room, cap-wise, to go get a top free agent; a really solid two-way defenseman that can log a lot of minutes."

On bolstering the offense:

"We have a lot of flexibility moving forward. Obviously at the draft we're going to look at skill and speed. We have a lot of flexibility in the free agent market based on where we are as far as with the cap. So that's what we're going to identify: skill and speed and offense."

On improving recruiting in the offseason:

"You hire more people, hire more scouts and qualified people. We started that process at last year's draft; we're going continue to monitor (our situation) and add more quality people to our organization, so we can make sure we don't mess up at the draft."