Thursday Caterwaul: Panthers Open Forum

Having some internet issues this morning forcing me to use a computer I'm not too familiar with, so apologies all around for the absence of a game recap covering Wednesday's rollover in Ottawa.

Really, what's to cover? Back-to-back 5-1 losses against clubs below Florida - er, for now - in the standings is undoubtedly inviting the backsliding Thrashers to lick their collective chops over Friday's match at Philips Arena.

Not too difficult to see who's taken up residency in coach DeBoer's doghouse: with 6:15 TOI, Jack Skille (no points, no SOG) was the only forward to log less than 11 minutes. Yes, this guy is the obvious exception.

UPDATE: I was corrected on the Skille situation being an injury. Completely my bad. Sorry I said above: "issues".

The clock continues counting down to Monday's NHL trade deadline...captain Bryan McCabe's name remains the flavor of the week; we're all familiar with the Rangers being a very interested party, and now TSN's Dreger reports the Canadiens are kicking tires in Sunrise as well. JM was the guy that brought him here in the first place...

So we remain in a holding pattern of sorts, with nothing but a symphony of crickets to break the deafening silence while refreshing Twitter feeds to the point of digital numbness. Happy Friday. Um, Thursday.