Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida Panthers - Open Thread



5-11-7 (17 Points) 10-9-4 (24 Points)

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Hope everyone south of the border had a great Thanksgiving: I certainly did, though I have yet to get my brilliant and inspiring "Things the Panthers are Thankful For" post up. It's coming. Soon. I'm almost certain of it.

Got lucky and scored myself some tickets to tonight's grand event at BankAtlantic Center, so CLG and I are off to the north parking lot early.

Our friends at Pension Plan Puppets will be following this one closely, so give 'em a shout and let them know that contrary to popular opinion in Hamilton, Panther fans really do exist.

As for the photo above, we're obligated to use it, as we have in the past. Action shots of Davey Keon just don't carry the same weight.

Mailing this one in, was a terrific holiday and I'm feeling it. Go Cats.