Training Camp: Panthers Stay Even With Panthers In Preseason Barnburner From Coral Springs

Cats' scrimmage draws standing-room only crowd at Saveology Iceplex, ends in thrilling 0-0 tie.

That's all you really wanted to know anyway, right?

So to recap: nobody scored in the only competitive event scheduled before the regular season gets underway Saturday night down the Sawgrass against Carolina. Since stats aren't traditionally kept for scrimmages, let's just say the goaltending from both teams, featuring veterans Jose Theodore at one end with Scott Clemmensen at the other (Jacob Markstrom logged in as present) was sparkling. Pretty sure.

For those of you who attended Wednesday's action - the only "game" of Florida's truncated training camp - we'd appreciate some input as to what went down, how certain players looked, the atmosphere, cleanliness of the restrooms, anything and everything.