Tuesday Caterwaul - Panthers pre-Lottery open forum


Longtime followers of this franchise can't be faulted for a growing case of restless leg syndrome leading into this evening's Draft Lottery (Versus @ 8pm; live chat begins here at 7).

We've been pimping it for the better part of three weeks, though had we been completely honest with ourselves that train should have departed its station three months ago. Ah, to be a fan.

Only a few hours seperate us from yet another turning point in the bizarre pro-sports case study which is the Florida Panthers. Just a lottery, right? There's no work involved...simply show up. Even the Cats couldn't fumble that strategy. Can't pick worse than fourth, which is as solid a safety net as can be asked for.

FYI: Here are the final rankings from Central Scouting.

So what are your thoughts/desires/nightmares for tonight's "action"?