Tuesday's Florida Panthers Headlines


What's going on in PantherNation? Not much with all these days off, but we'll scour for the good stuff...er, any stuff:

  • The Herald's George Richards worked overtime yesterday, as his production is off the charts for a non-game day. Lots to summarize here: Gregory Campbell and the Third Line of Doom, Cory Murphy recalled then waived...again, Cats on the course.
  • Steve Gorten of the Sun-Sentinel will not be outdone, however, as he turns in a great story on goalie masks.

Things are also rotten in Florida -- between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers, there is not so much as a glimmer of hope -- and Nashville, and Atlanta and ... but these are tales for another day.

- The Vancouver Sun, discussing the economic struggles of the Phoenix Coyotes. Yes, the entire article reads as disjointed as this one line.

  • Great article from the Hamilton Spectator tracks the post-careers of a number of ex-Bulldogs, including Bill Lindsay.
  • Not really worth mentioning, but USA Today's power rankings are out. Want to know which team was ranked eleventh? Look elsewhere.
  • A terrific special-teams primer from Mr. Mirtle, comparing last season's PP/PK performances with this year.
  • If you haven't already, say hi to The Falconer at Bird Watchers Anonymous, SBNation's newest hockey blog, covering the Atlanta Thrashers. Remember Do the Thrashers Have Large Talons? This is the evolutionary end result, and a good one!
  • SLAM! Sports' fantasy hockey "expert" Stephen Knight on the Cats: "The Panthers are quietly having another miserable season". Gee Steve...if 20-16-6 is miserable, I'm quite happy wallowing in it. Another jackass.


Southeast Standings

Washington 43 27 13 3 57
Carolina 43 21 17 5 47
Florida 42 20 16 6 46
Tampa Bay 42 13 19 10 36
Atlanta 43 14 24 5 33

(updated 1.13.2009 at 4:36 AM EST)


License and registration please. And touch my antennae. Either one.

The Lightning dumped a heaping pile of poo on the host Kings Monday night, defeating LA 3-1. The victory propelled Tampa Bay to a "commanding" 3-point lead over idle Atlanta. Battle of California


  • Edmonton @ Washington, 7 pm. The Caps look to end a two-game losing streak against a solid if unspectacular Oilers squad. Japers' Rink
  • Carolina @ Ottawa, 7:30 pm. One point continues to be the difference between the Cats and Canes. Go Sens. Please.
  • Tampa Bay @ San Jose, 10:30 pm. The Bolts continue their Trip Without End, this time landing in Dan Boyle's new home. Fear the Fin



Mucho. Creepiness.

  • Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia, 7 pm. This should be the Versus game. Not only do we get a glimpse of Friday's dance partner, but the downfall of the Pens has been utterly delightful tragic. Florida leads Pittsburgh by two points. PensBurgh
  • New Jersey @ Vancouver, 10 pm. The Devils look to increase their position in the East standings; they currently sit five points ahead of the Cats.In Lou We Trust/