It’s official: NHL’s 31st team is the Vegas Golden Knights

Golden vanquishes fellow contenders Desert and Silver

They might not have any players yet, but the NHL’s newest franchise finally has a name: Vegas Golden Knights.

Golden Knights was the winner out of three potential Knight variants, with Desert Knights and Silver Knights being the other finalists. Along the way, the names Nighthawks and Sidewinders were reportedly considered, as well.

Majority owner Bill Foley’s original intention was to name the club the Black Knights, after the sports teams of his alma mater, Army. After getting some push back from U.S. Military Academy, he eventually settled on Golden Knights, which coincidentally,  is the name of Army’s parachute team.

The colors of the franchise will be steel grey, gold, red and black. As of now, only the logos and wordmark have been released. Sweaters aren’t expected to be ready until February, at the earliest, although I wouldn’t expect to see them (barring a leak) until next year’s Entry Draft. There is other merchandise already available for sale.

Primary logo:

Secondary logo:


Team colors

Congratulations, Las Vegas! The Florida Panthers will see you next season, and hopefully, pin a couple of losses on you. Got to keep their best-ever expansion team record safe, after all.

If you want to keep up with all the happenings with the NHL’s newest team, in addition to the official site, I’d highly recommend checking out Sin Bin Vegas, a blog that now only got in on the ground floor, but is doing a great job of providing coverage.