Viner goes solo as Panthers CEO, Chairman, GP; Siegel back to limited partner

A big step for the organization as the top three positions are solidified into the responsibilities of a single person. Almost could have been a coin toss as to who would end up in the driver's seat and the franchise would have "won" with either result.

Cliff Viner and Stu Siegel have both proven to be more or less "hands-on" owners when necessary (taking responsibilty for the mess that was last season, though in reality that was the doing of former ownership and management regimes) and "hands-off" by hiring a brilliant mind in Dale Tallon to run the team as a general manger should. It would have been far more self-satisfying to the egos of lesser men to simply bring aboard a spineless, pal-to-the-owner, marionette-type: easily walked on while controlled from above. Short of arguing over internal budgets, no one can level that description on Tallon.

Both men displayed enormous drive and a tireless push toward reshaping the Florida Panthers when they burst on the scene in November, impressing fans and employees alike with their commitment for the dawning of a new era for the club. Well, maybe not all employees; can't please everyone, evidently. Of course, all of this sweetness and light will take on new meaning in September when a few results are demanded.

Anyway, it's heartening to see a single entity at the top, without the expected power struggle which typically accompanies such a move.

The official release can be found here.