Wanna watch the Panthers tonight? Vivid imagination required.

Hope you enjoyed the radio coverage of last night's victory; looks as if this evening will be more of the same. Or worse.

NOW it appears there will be no live video broadcast of tonight's Panthers/Senators game from Ottawa.

It was confusing to begin with: as of yesterday, the Cats, Sens and NHL all had this evening's match listed as being "streamed" by the Edmonton Oilers' webpage. I personally don't care if it's shown at Rotten.com, as long as it can be found.

Today? No such luck; all have removed the reference, leaving only Rogers 22 as the sole carrier. Of course, South Florida doesn't receive Rogers 22. We've got nine hockey-hating ESPNs, but no Rogers 22.

How about this: I haven't even been able to locate a radio source; Ottawa's Team1200 does not have tonight's action listed.

Florida hockey is consistently battered for "not having any fans", "bad market", et al. Is it so ignorant an opinion when even fans can't find their team? Bush league stuff.

UPDATE: Mike M. via Facebook says the game WILL be broadcast on Team1200, per the station manager.

UPDATE DOS: For the record, the station has not revised their published lineup for this evening to reflect the game, so if it is indeed on, they're not promoting it.