Washington Capitals at Florida Panthers - Live Game Forum


27-12-6 (60 Points) 18-20-7 (43 Points)

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Discuss tonight's Panthers game in real-time after the jump...

We'd be remiss - and just plain irresponsible - if we didn't plug the Panthers organization's tremendous donation drive for Haitian earthquake relief taking place tonight and Saturday. Whether you're getting prepped to ride the plastic at BAC or spread wide on the chaise in front of the 50-inch, please consider helping out.

And with that, we'll dive right into what should be a completely predictable blowout loss spirited effort from the Cats, who really really really really really need to stick it to a Washington club which took a nasty drubbing from Tampa yesterday.

Not a recording: Shawn Matthias is back from Rochester, per Steve X.

Always an amiable bunch waiting to greet you at Japers' Rink, so by all means check out their take on tonight's main event.

Go Cats.