Wednesday Caterwaul - Panthers GameDay Open Forum

Remember when the Panthers couldn't catch the even slightest break - all season - as fellow Eastern clubs seemingly headed to overtime in their respective games at will, negating any extra effort put forth by the Cats to grab an all-important point?

As should have been predicted, the reverse has taken effect: All three teams Florida fans needed to win last night? Didn't.

The Islanders, Lightning, and Maple Leafs all lost, increasing the Panthers' lead simply by games-in-hand. Need them to lose? They win. Need them to win? They lose.

Just the way it goes 'round these here parts.

Cats are in Buffalo this evening, minus Byron Bitz, Gregory Campbell, and of course David Booth. The game is "Broadcast" on the Sabres' end, so we're fully expecting GameCenter and NHL Network to satisfy our collective hunger for seeing Kamil Kreps moved to the first line.

OMG! Moment: "Buffalo has not participated in the playoffs since 2007." - from the NHL's game preview, clearly understating the horror of missing the postseason for two straight years.

Live Game Forum tonight at 6ish.