Where we are now: Panthers offense-by-the-numbers after six

This guy leads the Cats in one statistical category.

Skimming the "stats" section of the NHL's official website, and thought I'd share a couple of thoughts on how the Panthers are doing after six games...on paper. The term "It's Early" has been used in multiple occassions here at The Box in recent days, for a variety of valid reasons, but numbers are always fun to dissect, and besides: we have only a day left to fill before the next game.

Of course, the plus/minus haters and shootout assassins will forever hang behind the walls they erect, but the two are a part of the game - like it or not - and we're stuck with 'em. Onward.

We'll go stat-by-stat with the relevant stuff and see where the Cats stand, through yesterday's games). Keep in mind Florida has only played six games (it won't help your mood, but it's a fact).

  • GOALS: better sit down for this...not a single Panther within the top 30. Olli Jokinen isn't there either, so chew on that. NHL LEADER: Alexander Ovechkin, WAS, 9. FLA LEADER: Four tied with 2 (Booth, Radek Dvorak, Stephen Weiss, Nathan Horton, Michael Frolik).
  • ASSISTS: again, no one from Sunrise here as well, thugh it wasn't exactly expected that one of them would be. NHL LEADER: Joe Thornton, SJS, 12. FLA LEADER: Dmitry Kulikov (!), with 3.
  • POINTS: really looking for a desert oasis with this one. NHL LEADER: Ovechkin,16. FLA LEADER: Two tied with 4 (Frolik and Weiss).
  • PLUS/MINUS: this is where the Carolina Catastrophe rears its head. NHL LEADER: Nicklas Grossman, DAL, +10. FLA LEADER: Kamil Kreps, +3 (at the other end, Bryan Allen and Horton each share a -6, while the league cellar is inhabited by Brendan Witt and Brent Burns, swapping spit with a -9).
  • PIM: the Cats will never be mistaken - at least during the current regime - for having an overly aggressive demeanor, and that is reflected in their penalty minutes. NHL LEADER: Zenon Kenopka(?), TAM, 38. FLA LEADER: Allen, 13.
  • SOG: Nothing to be embarrassed about, generally. NHL LEADER: Ovechkin, 61 (second in the league? Gaborik, with 39 - and one more game played). FLA LEADER: Two tied at 21 (Rostislav Olesz and David Booth).
  • FACEOFF %: Curious to see what Dominic Moore ultimately contributes. NHL LEADER: Rich Peverly, ATL, (71.7...wow). FLA LEADER: Weiss (tied with Vinny What's-his-nuts from TBL) at 53.3%, good for 32nd in league standings.

In a word, what's your take on Florida's start?

Expected. Called this months ago.28
Surprised. A year of DeBoerification should make for a better beginning.31