Who Am I?

Just for fun, this is reprinted from a Hockey's Future article of a number of years ago, and modified slightly by yours truly to implement a veil of secrecy:

_______  ______ (1st round, FLA top-ten pick):  Originally touted as a speedy defensive forward in the mold of a "Federov" type player, the young ______  ______ was also very much a NHL ready forward whose attention to defense helped him make the jump right away (.)

______’s career as a Panther (is) one of promise, but he continuously tease(s) fans and management with his inability to finish on the majority of his goal-scoring chances. Countless breakaways (are) denied over and over, and he (has) never been able to get over the (sub-20) goal mark with Florida. His speed made him valuable though in a fore-checking role and ______ (spends) most of his time on the third line.

So who is it? I'll produce the link this evening...a great read!