Clash of the (less than) Titans: A Thursday to Remember

Anarchy in the NHL East's top eight.

The radidly-crumbling Cray uber-desktop at Casa W4E will probably finish out the evening as a smolding, smoking shadow of its former self after tonight's dual-link action at NHL GameCenter featuring the Habs at Isles and Rangers at Hurricanes.

If you're a Florida fan, what alternative do you have? The Panthers are maniacally chasing three of them.

4 76 41 25 10 92
5 77 42 27 8 92
6 77 42 28 7 91
7 77 40 28 9 89
8 76 39 27 10 88
9 77 38 28 11 87

On the other hand, the Billy Mumfrey cock-eyed optimists among us could factually argue that the Cats are only five points out of fourth place, though given MTL and PHI's games-in-hand, and the Panthers having a scant five games left to play, this is indeed most likely funny-talk.

Friday morning could have the Soldiers of Sunrise awakening to a deep depression, but that's Pete DeBoer's problem.

On to the evening's bright lights:

The Habs, 4-3-3 in their last 10, are desperately kicking at Florida's white-knuckled fingers, shooting for the one victory that will break the collective back of the Cats. Against the Isles? This may be that victory. Can we loan them Denis Potvin for the game? He's better than what is currently being dispatched on the New York blueline.WHO THE CATS NEED TO WIN: Nassau's finest. Duh.

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With a victory the Hurricanes -left for dead just weeks ago - vault over the Flyers and settle into the number four spot. With a regulation loss they share 91 points with tonight's opponent. They're motivated, they're hot (winners of six straight)...and they won't be underestimated any longer. John Tortorella's Rangers are one click above Montreal; so don't call them lacking in ass-fire.

WHO THE CATS NEED TO WIN: Caro..Car...the former Whalers. Oh the humanity.

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