Florida Panthers / 2010 NHL Trade Deadline Open Forum - LIVE!


Photo courtesy of VanMurph

Welcome to the 2nd annual Deadline Day Festival of Courage at Litter Box Cats: covering every Florida Panthers rumor, strategy, and deal to go down throughout the day, right up to the 3 pm cutoff and beyond.

Keep the coffee brewin'; we've got a lot of ground to cover. DolPhanDave, KeithW, JohnnyB, and I thank you for joining us during the hockey fan's version of the Super Bowl, New Years Eve, and Victory in Europe day all rolled into a few quaint but frenetic hours.

We'll waste no further time and simply dive right in. Comments and important links after the jump as we follow the action...

And a reminder: there is a game tonight, which we'll begin covering around 6:30.