Panthers' Mike Santorelli Parts Ways With Tingsryd After Four Games

Florida forward will return to Canada, departs Euro club "at his own request"

Only a few short (and badly) translated paragraphs to go on, but here you are:

[Mike Santorelli] has decided to leave the ship for various reasons. He chooses to prepare for the NHL elsewhere. He has not known that Tingsryd been the right place for him and does not believe that he got out what he wanted, said Tingsryds sports director Anders Gustavsson.

Two independent sources with very good insight into the ha says of Smålandsposten that the main reason Mike Santorellis early farewell to Tingsryd is dissatisfaction with the coach Petter Nilsson. To Nilsson continued its chosen path and treated the star Santorelli as any in the team at any time should not have fallen on fertile ground.

One assist in four games, and perceived issues with the coach? Whatever the case, he's apparently heading back to North America, according to his now-former club (team release).