Musings on a Thursday morning

Noticed a few trivial interesting alterations to the official site this morning:

Screamin' Dmitry Kulikov is no longer the "face of the franchise", as several of his teammates have taken up residence on page backgrounds. Each sports the same general layout as that featuring Kuli, though none of the screens portray any of the new players beyond JovoCop (and his double-nickel sweater number was never in doubt). All the backgrounds we've found listed after the jump (and bear with me, ok? It's summer)...

It was at this point my eyes began to burn as if staring directly at Krypton's sun, so I bailed; if you find anything I missed, fire it into the comments.

    Notes: throw in Jason Garrison's #52, and the Panthers likely have the all-time largest collection of legitimate NHLers wearing numbers in the 50s (I already said it was summer). The social networks page has Twitter and FaceBook accounts for about half the organization, sans players - and you know where to find them ;). Hadn't noticed before, but there is a printer-slaying 2010-11 "Season in Review" document; most helpful in tracking Kent Huskins' offensive output vs. the Cats (1 goal). Preseason home schedule still not published - unique sponsorship opportunities available! - but we're holding to visits by the Predators, Lightning, and Stars. Finally, I've been impressed with the Den of Honor - real and virtual versions - for quite some time, but the rather thin "Playoffs" tab had me tickled. If not for our collective sense of humor and sheer love for this club, we'd have been out of here long ago. Keep pressing on, Dale.