On the Prowl: Week of 5/5

A number of articles weighing in on advanced statistics, the playoffs, possible new players for the Cats, and the future of the captaincy in South Florida.

Statistics are important, regardless of what anyone else says of them. There truly is nothing in the sports world that can't, in some way, be quantified, and if it can be quantified, it's a statistic that can be gauged and analyzed. Ignoring statistics that blatantly show errors or quirks in conventional ways of looking at sports can be disastrous; making use of stats and staying true to them in the face of adversity via conventional analysis can be just as beneficial for a team. The saying numbers never lie is not without merit; though there will always be variance when looking at stats, there will always (ALWAYS) be progression or regression back towards the mean (ALWAYS). It's not rocket science; over a small sample of games, like a seven game playoff series, it's possible to perform differently from the average, but over a large sample, say two to three seasons, there isn't much variance or change from the expected result. Knowing this, and applying it to your advantage, truly is one of the best ways to make a team successful.