Sunday Caterwaul: Florida Panthers GameDay Open Forum

Broons visit Sunrise in another early Sunday game; Campbell (the other one) approves of NHL realignment plan

I think that [the current realignment proposal] would definitely help the hockey markets in Tampa and Florida for sure. Whenever an Original Six team comes down here it’s always a sellout and that’s not usually the case in a lot of the games played down here. To have [more] Original Six teams in their division would help them. From my standpoint it’s a little more travel for us, but it’s never a bad thing to come to Florida in February. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing at all.

Former Panthers forward Gregory Campbell, via Haggerty/CSN New England, in town for today's matinee. Puck Daddy's got terrific insight on the subject here as well.

The LBC GameThread gets rolling around 2:30, and be sure to check in with our pals at Stanley Cup Of Chowder beforehand.

Now get waulin'.

Panthers & Lightning in a "conference" - read as: division - with BOS, BUF, DET(!), MON, OTW and TOR?

Make it happen17
No thanks9
Whatever; no way to please everyone19