Your obligatory what-to-do-with-Clemmer poll

So Panthers goaltender Scott Clemmensen is on the mend, with a likely return to the lineup at some point over the next few weeks - or less. This coincides, of course, with a fully capable Jose Theodore - very realistically now Florida's backup, despite the coaching staff claiming otherwise - in the first year of a two-season deal, and the onset of MarkyMania gaining steam throughout the hockey world.

Clemmer will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, and likely would have been dealt near the trading deadline in just about any scenario, short of Theo or Jacob Markstrom getting whacked with an injury. Marky's play over the past four periods has been nothing short miraculous, and his first NHL start - a 3-0 loss in Washington a week ago - was veteran-solid, despite little help from the guys in front.

Can't be forgotten that we're still talking about a very small sample of Big League minutes here.

Bottom line: Theodore is locked into the starter or backup role. What's your guess beyond that?

The obvious answer is...

Waivers/seek a trade: going to need ice time before anyone touches Clemmensen103
Reassign Markstrom: seriously?22
Platoon all three: SERIOUSLY?7
We're overreacting: the season's only 8 games old, and he's not even cleared to play137