GrowlTV: Panthers "Energy Team" seeks enthusiastic people to do energetic stuff

A growing trend among NHL clubs, the Panthers "Energy Team" concept has found a home in Sunrise, now in it's second year.

Under the impression this was initially a brilliant marketing scheme for the Washington Capitals to escape controversy saddled with the establishment of an "Ice Girls" deal, I am now convinced I cannot enjoy myself in a very large state-of-the-art arena showcasing pyrotechnics, with slingshot T-shirts, blimp-dropped coupons, hot dogs for-the-row, sushi on-demand, valet parking, SunPass exits, seats named for their owners, players meet-and-greets, and every conceivable luxury known to man.

Oh yeah, there's supposedly a hockey game in there as well (playoffs not included).

I actually applaud this bizarre experiment venture, since any PR is good PR.

Honestly, it's all about "growing" the game into local kids, since they are indeed the future. And there are a lot of children in the stands of the BAC going bananas for the Cats, decked out in Panthers gear. Something's working.

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