GuddyGate: Florida Panthers defenseman scratched vs Buffalo, but hold on a moment

So who messed up here, anyway?

Funny thing happened just prior to puck drop between the Florida Panthers and host Buffalo Sabres Friday night: blueliner Erik Gudbranson was scratched.

Yep, the very same Gudbranson who scored 1 of Florida's 3 goals - total - heading into the Buffalo match. The move sparked a firestorm of questions from fans and media, as the only answer could be injury, right? Even Erik's dad got into the act hours earlier, pumped for the match:

From the SoFla media, moments before start:

It should be noted that Yahoo Sports, ESPN (yeah, I know) and even corroborated the scratch. So Harvey and George are of course off the hook. We retweeted George's initial post.

Then it got strange, since a certain number 44 turned out to be on the ice...

And the winner:

In the end, Gudbranson played and Robak sat. Again. So what we have here is either an incorrect roster submitted to game officials (which could be trouble down the road for Florida coach Gerard Gallant), or media material was inaccurate. Stay tuned as we'll be here tomorrow and every night as GuddyGate rolls on...