Happy Labor Day! Now get on the ice.


Colder than normal temperatures in South Florida aren't nearly enough to dissuade loyal Panther fans, many of whom lined up before dawn for entry to Day One of Rookie Camp at IncredibleICE.

I'll be straight with you: I was not able to sleep a healthy eight (or six...whatever) last night, stirring in anticipation of the arrival of this year's edition of Rookie Camp.

All summer long (and it was a long one) we've waited for this day to arrive: the Cats' end-of-season in April. The final horn of the playoffs. Jacques Martin's welcomed departure, paving the way for the Summer of Sexton. The draft (and its associated party at Carolina Ale House in Weston). Bouwmeester's trade. Free agency on July 1st, and the annual hijacking of the internet byproduct. Booth's re-signing. The reinvention of the modern training facility in Coral Springs. Players slowly funneling into town.

And here we are. If you find yourself at IncredibleICE this morning, please feel free to say hi; I won't be sporting last year's oversized Sean Burke #1 Hartford road-blue, just a subtle white three-button with obligatory Whalers logo. Really looking forward to seeing y'all.

For those not able to attend today's event, fear not: the camera is charged and we'll have some photos up by this evening.

Have a terrific Labor Day everyone.