Lightning at Panthers: LBC No-Frills Game Thread

Final exhibition match for 2-1-3 Cats as regular season draws near

No bells nor whistles in this unofficial game thread as we're likely stuck lacking video once again, but spending an evening with Randy Moller has always been an underrated endeavor, so fire him up at 7 via WQAM right here.

I'll be in and out through the evening while banging away at the real Threads; can't hurt to be ahead of the curve. For you newbs, our regular season Game Threads generally rollout 30 minutes before initial puck-drop. The real-time commenting is of course the same, but the formal threads have a few other features and links. You'll be familiar with them immediately. Technically we could do one tonight but being a radio-only affair (or possibly an inhouse feed with no announcers) it really isn't worth the effort. We'll be ready when the for-realz stuff gets underway Thursday.

Need some info on the Bolts? Look no further. Go Cats.

Oh, and this didn't take long...



In-game pic (thanks Old Dave!):