Meet the BankAtlantic Center's newest short-term tenant

Obviously, the sales departments of the doomed Bobcats, Pit Bills, and ThunderCats simply didn't do their homework.

Pushing forward under the notion that the Dade/Broward/Palm Beach markets are anything but over-saturated with sports and activities for locals to enjoy, the Miami Caliente, of the upstart LFL, have arrived.

The "LFL"? Yes. The "Lingerie Football League".

Imagine Arena Football played by cheerleaders. No offense, girls. I'm still a bit ignorant on this whole enterprise, so give me some time.

Besides, when your league features such colorful teams as the Dallas Desire, Los Angeles Temptation (Perry Como's corpse will sing the anthem), and San Diego Seduction, no public criticism nor animated moral compass-type can possibly stand in the way of success among your target market. Whomever that might compose.

Anyway, here's the Caliente's (Calientae? Calientos?) recent open tryout at the BAC...

If nothing else, the presence of this new team should guarantee the Panthers spend a little more time at the office.

Tickets range from $12 in the Laborer's section to $85 at center ice field. No word yet on what benefits a Trump "Golden Key" will get you with this bunch.