Miami Herald: Preseason schedule, Peltonen off to Old Country

The Cats get a major break from all of that West Coast exhibition crap this fall will endure another gruesome preseason, with a scheduled nine games in - hey! - nine cities on two continents in a span of fifteen days. Is JM the GM still running the show? Sure was easy for him to schedule these marathons when he wasn't coaching.

Speaking of the new Canadiens bench boss, the Panthers take on the Habs September 17th in Montreal. Shall we begin the petition for televising this one now, or give it a few more weeks?

In other news, forward Ville Peltonen will evidently not return to either the Cats or the National Hockey League next year. Because when you think "sunset of your career in hockey", Switzerland is of course the default.

Ville Peltonen: For the right price, take him or leave him?

Take him...too valuable with Campbell and Dvorak32
Leave him...other than "special teams" work, he never distinguished himself15
Ville who?7