LBC's 2016 NHL All-Star Skills Competition Open Thread

Three-headed Florida monster set to be unleashed at Skillz Komp

With Florida's largest-ever representation in any All-Star weekend now settled in Nashville for some serious TV facetime, this is a swell era in which to be a Panthers fan, even when such action doesn't count in the standings. Goaltender Roberto Luongo , defenseman Aaron Ekblad and forward Jaromir Jagr (Atlantic Division captain) will participate in this evening's Skills Competition, which was always far and away the finest portion of every All-Star weekend anyhow. Florida's own Gerard Gallant is bossing the Atlantic bench, so eat that, relocation punks.

TV: NBC-SN, Sportsnet

GREAT, BUT WHERE DO OUR BOYS FIT IN? Of the six scheduled events, your Panthers triumvirate will be seen as follows...

  • Luongo: Shootout (round 1)
  • Jagr: Accuracy Shooting (passer), Skills Challenge Relay (one-timer, passer)
  • Ekblad: Skills Challenge Relay (one-timer, right shot), Hardest Shot, Shootout (round 1)
  • Full event rules and lineups via the league here /

And that's the short of it. Enjoy the action and stop back in tomorrow around 5:00 for the NEW AND IMPROVED ALL-STAR GAME(S)! Yeah, kind of excited about the changes :)