Off-Topic Friday is upon us again... In the spirit of "Trek", choose the best USS Enterprise

It's that simple. Make it so...



The one that, well, started it all in 1965. Remains a classic design featuring lines and shapes that make sense in a pseudo-realistic way. After all these years it retains the looks of which a valid design for space travel might be built upon. Ironically, the drafting team initially had the ship inverted. The model really came to life recently after a complete clean-up by CBS during conversion to the remastered set. Unreal.



My personal favorite. Never before - and most likely ever - will a better starship cross our movie or TV screens. Yes, I grew up with it, but a more formidable, solid, and utilitarian design you'll not find. Simply art. No topping this...not 2001, not Star Wars, no where.



Bloated, stretched way too far, and performing double-duty as a bottom-feeding space-borne sturgeon, this design is everything a Star Trek craft should not be. One portion of the eighties I can and will live without (though "Yesterday's Enterprise" was undeniably sweet).



Growing on me with each viewing, JJ Abrams and his staff at ILM were certainly on to something. Take the Enterprise from The Motion Picture, spice it up with a bit of 60's GTO inspiration, and you just might have the perfect Enterprise. Excepting the early movies, of course. And static pictures do it little justice. Only in motion does this Big E begin to shine with the type of grace, elegance, and bad-assness that should be expected.

Your comments, complaints, brickbats? Care to beat me down? Let's hear it below.

Best Enterprise (and we're leaving out one-time wonders such as the "-C".

Original Series Enterprise (1960s)0
Original movies Enterprise (1979-1991)3
Next Generation Enterprise-D (1987-1994)3
"Star Trek" Enterprise (from the new film, 2009)4