Ottawa Sun: Olesz now riding shotgun to Horton on Trade Rumor Express

From The Sun's Bruce Garrioch:

Note to the Florida Panthers: Three league executives have confirmed you are trying to move C Nathan Horton. GM Randy Sexton wouldn’t mind dealing LW Rostislav Olesz, either, to get a big centre. The Leafs might be a possibility for Horton, but the Panthers would have to take back Jason Blake and his $4.5-million contract.

Whoa, Nelly. Jason Blake? As usual, Spector tears this one down with common sense:

No offense to Garrioch but Sexton's comments carry more weight than those of unnamed league executives. If the Panthers were to shop Horton they certainly wouldn't want Jason Blake in return. Horton's been playing better of late which would increase his trade value but also makes it more unlikely the Panthers would be trying to move him. Horton's contract also makes him difficult to deal at this time.

I posed the question of Horton being moved to Spector himself during Wednesday's Puck Daddy Rumor Chat. His not-so-subtle response:

Horton's not being shopped. That's all BS.

Why is "M2tK" Garrioch clinging so firmly to this? That's three weeks he's been pushing what based on logic should be a moot point. This ain't happening; gonna take a lot more than Blake.