Palm Beach Post: Panthers narrow GM search to "5 or 6"?

From Brian Biggane:

(Bill) Torrey, the team's alternate governor who has been conducting the search since Jacques Martin left to become coach of the Montreal Canadiens on June 1, has conducted face-to-face meetings with several candidates and narrowed what was once a field of 60 candidates down to five or six, one source close to the search said.

Okay. Making some progress. How'd that list get whittled down so quickly, you ask?

Insiders with knowledge of the process said Torrey has ruled out anyone without previous managerial experience, such as former Panthers broadcaster Denis Potvin, and is putting a premium on success in previous stops.

Sounding better. Sure it made it easier on background checkers. Still, I've said a number of times lately that I'm settling into Randy Sexton's court, but that may change - abruptly - after the next seven days (read: David Booth). Not counting on it, though.

Biggane profiles a few of the heavier hitters among the group. For the record, Doug Risebrough had his second interview with Torrey today.

Among those highlighted by The Post's Brian Biggane plus a few other headliners, who's your choice to lead the Cats to an unheard-of level of enlightenment?

Doug Risebrough7
Doug MacLean18
Doug E. Fresh3
Neil Smith7
(Current Assistant GM) Randy Sexton14