Panthers individual all-time stats for December

As we (thankfully) leave November behind, I thought it might be a reasonably interesting exercise to take a peek at what each member of the Florida roster has done throughout their respective careers in the month of December. Very few certified gems among this crowd - due either to inexperience, injury, or a lifetime of role-playing - but the solid talents even out over time.

Key:  gp (games-played), g (goals), a (assists), p (points), pim (penalty minutes), ppg (power play goal), ppa (power play assist), shg (short-handed goal), sha (short-handed assist), gw (game-winning goals), sog (shots on goal)


Steve Bernier - 57gp 14g 11a 25p -3 22pim 4ppg 4ppa 95sog

David Booth - 17gp 4g 6a 10p +2 2pim 1ppg 46sog

Radek Dvorak - 179gp 36g 61a 97p +6 44pim 6ppg 10ppa 4shg 1sha 3gw 388sog

Michael Frolik - 29gp 9g 12a 21p -4 29pim 2ppg 6ppa 2gw 83sog

Chris Higgins - 50gp 11g 12a 23p +1 12pim 3ppg 3ppa 124sog

Darcy Hordichuk - 79gp 5g 6a 11p -3 164pim 1ppa 27sog

Shawn Matthias - 18gp 2g 3a 5p -1 4pim 1gw 16sog

Marty Reasoner - 103gp 15g 18a 33p -26 67pim 4ppg 5ppa 2sha 2gw 137sog

Steven Reinprecht - 98gp 23g 36a 59p +14 26pim 3ppg 11ppa 1shg 4sha 4gw 145sog

Michal Repik - 9gp 2g 1a 3p Even 4pim 10sog

Mike Santorelli - 2gp 0p Even 1sog

Cory Stillman - 159gp 41g 67a 108p -7 68pim 14ppg 23ppa 3gw 310sog

Stephen Weiss - 88gp 24g 26a 50p +2 26pim 9ppg 10ppa 6gw 177sog

Likely to miss considerable time: Byron Bitz (lower-body), Rostislav Olesz (finger)


Bryan Allen - 74gp 3g 12a 15p -6 87pim 1ppg 3ppa 72sog

Keaton Ellerby - Never played in December

Jason Garrison - 6gp 0g 0a 0p +2 0pim 3sog

Dmitry Kulikov - 10gp 0g 3a 3p +3 8pim 3ppa 14sog

Bryan McCabe - 184gp 24g 58a 82p +23 332pim 10ppg 34ppa 1shg 2sha 3gw 344sog

Mike Weaver - 66gp 0g 11a 11p Even 30pim 1sha 38sog

Dennis Wideman - 67gp 10g 31a 41p +4 36pim 7ppg 21ppa 3gw 139sog


Tomas Vokoun - 88gp 37w 31l 8t 6otl 204ga 2401sa 2197sv 2.58gaa .915sv% 6so

Scott Clemmensen - 22gp 11w 8l 1otl 57ga 618sa 561sv 2.73gaa .908sv% 0so