Panthers: Time for moore Dominic in Sunrise?

Dominic Moore

#42 / Center / Montreal Canadiens



Aug 03, 1980

Cute ridiculously obvious title, eh?

Perusing a list of remaining NHL free agents this morning and came across a familiar name, former Panthers center Dominic Moore. In his short time with Florida, he impressed many not only with his faceoff prowess and commendable forechecking abilities, but also an unwavering sense of heart and gusto which has been little-seen 'round these parts in recent years.

Upon being dealt to Montreal at the '10 Trade Deadline (for a 2011 second-round pick), he quickly earned fan-favorite status with a larger audience among not only Canadiens faithful but followers of the playoffs in general. His never-say-die approach to the game was memorable in the least and simply fun to watch.

Not precisely sure of course what the Tallon crew has in mind for future acquisitions (I'm solidly of the belief that a first-line center should be targeted via trade), but if the current slate of centermen is kept intact - being Stephen Weiss, Steven Reinprecht, and Shawn Matthias - is Moore a good fit with the "new" Panthers?

At 6'0", 196 lbs he doesn't nearly bring the size Tallon's been publicly claiming to be in pursuit of (nor along the lines of the monsters drafted in June), but the "character" quotient is definitely in evidence, and he's one of those rarities that plays larger than his size. He's certainly proven himself a steady, reliable third-liner, but what would his addition do to the development of Matthias?

And should Reinprecht be shopped? Behold the many hypotheticals...

Re-acquire Dominic Moore?

Yes - the intangibles he provides are invaluable (faceoffs, forechecking, etc)104
No - doesn't fit the "bigger up the middle" plan32
Undecided - let's get that Number One Center first47