Florida Panthers QuickPoll: To Boycott Or Not To Boycott

Just how much anger do you harbor over the loss of almost half of an entire NHL season?

Among hockeyphiles, Sunday, January 6 will forever be remembered for the conclusion of the National Hockey League's most recent player lockout. Whatever your heartfelt opinion on the reasons for it, the necessity of it, or who "won or lost" it may be, there are those among the puck universe who feel a need to "boycott" the Panthers, the league, and perhaps the sport in general. To my eyes, this is a completely understandable reaction to the loss of several months of action from a Florida Panthers team which was very definitely on the rise, on the ice and in the community.

I do not personally endorse such an effort in this situation, but I do "get it". Having been through the dual labor wars of 1994-95 & 2004-05 - and groveling back to the game after the resolution of each - I'm way too jaded for such efforts; just give me some NHL puck and all is forgiven.

But that's me.

Are you so inflamed over the loss of 30-something games of the 2012-13 season that you would take action of some type? Not buy a hat? A sweater? Not purchase the NHL's web-based GameCenter or cable/dish's Center Ice? Or worse, not attend a game?

As a bruised and battered hockey fan, will you take an action (or more precisely, inaction) to send the Panthers - and NHL - a message?

No...business is business. The whole process sucked but whatever. Drop the puck.154
Yes...no merchandise/online/TV packages for me through the shortened season, but remain a strong fan43
Yes...refuse to attend games for remainder of shortened season, but Cats still the tops23
Yes...forget this bogus "league", I'm done.24