Sportsnet: Canadiens pursuing Panthers GM Jacques Martin for coaching position; UPDATED


A HUGE story if proven to be true, but according to Sportsnet, Montreal is attempting to arrange a buyout of current Florida Panthers general manager Jacques Martin in order to install him as the next head coach of the Canadiens.

Looking into this further, so stay tuned. Much more to follow as this breaks in one direction or another.

From my perspective, this is a terrific opportunity for Martin to get back to what he does best - in the proper situation. Never given a chance with the piecemeal rosters assembled for him in Florida (even those of his own making while removing the deadwood).

Where it leaves the Panthers organization, just weeks before the draft, is speculatory, but assistant GM Randy Sexton has been held a general manager position. A long, long time ago.

UPDATE (10:46 am):  George Richards of the Miami Herald has a short piece up on his blog...

Haven't been able to get hold of anyone with the Panthers this morning, but am working on that. I have heard this before; didn't believe it then, don't believe it now.

NOTE: Richards has since clarified that he did not believe the destination club would ultimately be Montreal, only that Martin would indeed bolt at the first opportunity to any team willing to give him (Martin) an opportunity.