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Swamp Cats in Oil Country


Yes, the recession has finally hit Edmonton, where players are now reluctantly signing over their children for ice time. Good luck to ya, Gord!


Given the lack of an Oilers blog on SBNation – fear not: it’s coming, kids – we’ll take this opportunity to break away from Myth Busters and XM 80s to host what hopefully will result in happiness and contentment across the face of the globe. And a Panthers win.

Obligatory warning: there be newbs here, namely myself. So cross your fingers, grab something cold to imbibe upon, and settle in for a lovely evening of hockey and cleaning up after yourself.

Our good friend Stanley C. from the wonderful Cat Scratch has kindly provided the following link (may work, may not…we’ll see soon. But don’t blame him if it doesn’t) for those who wish to watch the match on a 4×4 square on their monitor. Like, say, me:

You’re taking an awful risk, Vader. This had better work.

Anyway, as indicated, I’m new to hosting these things, but given the absence of an Oilers presence on The Nation, we should have a captive audience. Welcome to those Edmonton fans who may join us this evening, and of course to those of you from south of Jacksonville.

Have at it, and thanks for being here!


Try this link for video… and thanks to! The other one isn’t operational yet.