Panthers' Tomas Vokoun on the move?

Our good friend GR at OFP posted a blog earlier about the possibility of Tomas Vokoun being moved as soon as today.

Right now the Flyers are the team in the spotlight, but who knows. Voky has said that he has NOT told the Panthers that he wouldn't waive no trade clause (too many negatives there), so we'll just have to wait and see.

GR raises a good point, wondering how much of a say PdB has in the matter, telling me via text " a coach, hard to trade something like that." I have to agree, as this would confirm the 'white flag raising' that many of us may have been dreading.

Click the link to see what Vokoun had to say on the subject when he spoke with GR earlier today. Stay tuned, the next 24 hours could be very busy for us fans of the pussycat.