Unemployed? Need some hockey? The Everblades are there for you


Minor-league hockey has historically been the catalyst for unique marketing campaigns.

In a gesture which could accurately be deemed as generous for these crazy times, the Florida Everblades - ECHL affiliate of the Cats and Carolina Hurricanes - are giving those out of work very few excuses for not attending a 'Blades game this weekend. Or at least those within hailing distance of Estero.

I'm not a big fan of the Carolina organization (surprise, surprise) but I have to admit...having been to a few Everblades games at Germain Arena, the experience is on par with some of the AHL's smaller markets, but quite professionally produced and managed. The building is beautiful, access is easy off of I-75, and the 'Blades have quietly put together a winning tradition...all of two hours from Sunrise.

And what franchise found a better use for their surplus uniforms than did the Hurricanes?

Oh, and you'll see Matt Duffy there as well...

Been to a 'Blades game?

ECHL? What's that?4