Weekend Caterwaul: Panthers Open Forum

Couldn't have asked for a finer way to begin the long weekend than with what Cap'n Garrison delivered to us on Thursday evening. Stephen Weiss' +3 is nothing to sneeze at, but Chris Higgins' remarkable (and completely unexpected) two-goal performance was mighty impressive. And what of Evgeni Dadonov? If seven points (2g, +3) in five games hasn't yet opened a few eyes to this kid's potential, perhaps nothing will.

With that in mind, it's off to shopping, spending, and nogging for many of us. Me? Up to Jupiter Friday, then heading right back north on 95 for Palm Beach Gardens Saturday afternoon. Was really kinda hoping for precipitation, if only so I may try out my new Rain-X wipers; a simple dood indeed.

No player movement of any kind to speak of for the next few days, so feel free pop in here and discuss anything you wish: power plays, faceoffs, this tragic catastrophe, knee-high socks as gifts, etc. Merry Christmas, and a happy and safe weekend, all!