YouTube Dump: Meet the newest Panthers

We're undoubtedly familiar with one of these guys. (Courtesy

Been a crazy week due to work and a half-dozen other fires which demanded attention, so in the absence of any substantive news out of One Panther Parkway, we'll take a look at some of the recently acquired Cats through the multitasking miracle that is YouTube.

Leading things off, here's Andrew Peters squaring off with David Koci in what has to be one of the strangest beginnings to a fight we've witnessed in quite some time. (Courtesy

Dennis Wideman was part of the return from Boston in the Nathan Horton transfer; though he endured a tough campaign following up a career year only a season ago, the defenseman switched it on heading into the postseason. (Courtesy NHL Video)

A compilation of goals a few seasons ago by winger Christopher Higgins, still in his salad days. I see "21" and think former Whaler Andrew Cassels; hope that's no omen. (Courtesy M1GreenEagle via YouTube)

Some have criticized Higgins for his shootout inconsistencies. Frankly, we have no argument. (Courtesy bigpappi3 via YouTube)

Michael Grabner is considered by many to be the centerpiece of the draft day Keith Ballard deal with Vancouver. With a wicked wrister like that exhibited above, it's easy to see understand the thinking. (Courtesy tibortaliban via YouTube)

Forward Steve Bernier had an impressive two-goal, one-assist debut with Buffalo a couple of seasons back. If this is the pattern, an opening night roster spot should be followed by a quick demotion. We kid, we kid. (Courtesy CrazyPsycho22 via Twitter)

He can also take the hits, as evidenced by his reaction after a delamination by Dion Phaneuf. We'll put the word "fight" in quotes because, well, it wasn't much of one. (Courtesy

Closing out on Bernier with - of all things - a penalty; not unusual in any sense until one sees who goaded him into it. (Courtesy Jefflered via Twitter)

Speaking of Mike Weaver, dude walls-up an oncoming Darcy Tucker freight train, and gets the better of him some thirty seconds later. (Courtesy

It's not like we're unaccustomed to "borderline" hits round these here parts, but make up your own mind as to the legality of this one - though that's likely not necessary. (Courtesy

Find any others worthy of note? Post 'em up in the comments.