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Book Review: Hockey Abstract

Hockey statistical analysis superstar Rob Vollman has recently produced the guide book for hockey fans who wish to learn, or need a refresher in, statistical analysis of the sport. Hockey Abstract was written to be fun and informative, so all you need is a working knowledge of the game and this book will be easy to follow (here’s a test: if you know what icing is, you will understand the book).

Abstract will help you answer great hockey questions from a statistical standpoint, such as:

  • Who is the Best Player?
  • Who is the Best Coach?
  • What Was the Most One-sided Trade of All-Time?
  • Who is the Luckiest Team?/

Want to estimate how Florida Panthers top pick Aleksander Barkov will perform in the NHL? There’s a chapter on translating statistics from different leagues. Want a reason to get behind the Scott Gomez signing? There’s a chapter on the new stat “passes” (wonder what that measures). Want to know what dark horse team could take home the Stanley Cup in 2014? The answer might surprise you, and certainly your bookie.

If you ever desired to obtain a deeper statistical analysis of hockey, I cannot stress enough how well this work will make for an often-referenced volume in your library. It’s a somewhat long read at 250 pages (there’s pictures, don’t worry), but each page is a trove of valuable information that could change the way you view hockey, and perhaps life in general.

The book is available on Amazon and in PDF form at PayLoadz. I’d personally like to thank Mr. Vollman for providing me with a free copy of his work for review. If you have questions or feedback on the book, feel free to leave a comment, and/or email Rob directly at: