With the Panthers out, the question is, who ya rootin' for?

Show your (new) colors by voting in the LBC playoff poll.

With the Florida Panthers falling a little bit short of the postseason yet again, who are you rooting for in this year's Stanley Cup playoffs?

Do you revert back to cheering for the hometown team you followed prior to moving to South Florida? If you are a true-born or longtime local, is it the favorite team you had before the Panthers were born? That's what I do, but the Oilers missed again too...bummer. Do you have a Western Conference team ready and waiting? Do you keep it in-state and pull for the Lightning? Is your allegiance to the Eastern Conference or the Atlantic Division? Stick to the Sunbelt teams like Francisco? Or do you do what I do when both the Cats and Oilers are out of it, pull for the underdog?

This year I'm on the Winnipeg Jets bandwagon. Why? It's their first time in the playoffs after the relocation and they are a hardworking team that fought their way past the defending champs to make it in. They have earned my fandom, for at least one round. If they lose to the Ducks, I will have to re-choose.

What about you? Vote below and let's us know who is taking the Panthers' place in your heart this spring in the chase for Lord Stanley's chalice. Feel free to tell us why in the comment section and add your pick for the eventual Stanley Cup winner so you can have bragging rights once Gary Bettman hands the old bowl off.

Who are you rooting for in the playoffs?

Anaheim Ducks6
Calgary Flames5
Chicago Blackhawks15
Detroit Red Wings9
Minnesota Wild7
Montreal Canadiens7
Nashville Predators9
New York Islanders18
New York Rangers16
Ottawa Senators10
Pittsburgh Penguins2
St. Louis Blues17
Tampa Bay Lightning31
Vancouver Canucks4
Washington Capitals4
Winnipeg Jets10