Happy New Year from The Box!


Yeah, Cats lost to Montreal in a wild 5-4 sold-out affair at the BAC, but take solace in knowing some 18,500 seasonal visitors to our area returned to their hotels and timeshares with a smile on their faces and some bizarre soccer chant escaping their lips. We're all about juicing the local economy, so tonight was a winner for everyone in South Florida not holding a vested interest in the NHL standings.

Okay...it was a very good hockey game, the separation sealed by two "delay of game" penalties called within 13 or seconds of each other.

No matter. Just want to thank all of you for coming 'round these parts throughout 2009, and we're ecstatic over what's in store for '10. This aside (and I'll stick with BankAtlantic Center hotdogs, thanks very much).

Whether by SB Nation, or Twitter, or FaceBook: our best to you and your families for a tremendous 2010.