NHL Cancels Entire Month Of November

The league has now canceled every game in November, virtually assuring that if there is a 2012-13 season at all, it will be shorter than 82 games.

As is being widely reported, the NHL has cancelled all games scheduled in November. The move was widely expected following the latest breakdown in talks between the league and the player's association. The league's latest proposal, which was made in an effort to save an 82-game season, has expired and it is also expected that they will officially pull that from the table today. Although the league will not comment officially, it is widely believed that their deadline for Winter Classic preparations is sometime in the first half of November, so the time is growing ever shorter for the two sides to come together to save the NHL's marquee game. This may be wild conjecture, but it's this observer's sense that if there isn't a new agreement in place by the Winter Classic deadline, whenever that is, that the entire season will go with it. The league may not actually cancel the rest of the season until January, but expect that if there isn't a deal in place within two weeks, that the next season will be starting in October 2013. However, if a deal is worked out, the Panthers are currently scheduled to open the season December 1, hosting the Flyers.