NHL Cancels Another Week Of Games; Three Further Cuts To Panthers Schedule

The league has tossed another slate of games, including a trio involving Florida.

The NHL has cancelled another week of games, including three Panthers games against the Blue Jackets, Jets and Wild. This is, of course, due to the septannual NHL lockout work stoppage. The cancellations follow hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement of a special Panthers Championship Banner ticket offer, wherein one can buy tickets to three games and receive free tickets to opening night. That is, once the millionaires and billionaires finish fighting over the spoils and actually figure out when opening night is.

As mentioned over at Puck Daddy, the season could still start on November 2, if the NHL and the PA can get a CBA together ASAP. Also mentioned over there is that November 20 is the "drop-dead" date for the season to start and the NHL to be able to hold the Winter Classic. That's "drop dead" as in "the fans wish everyone involved in taking hockey away from us can drop dead." For those still thinking that the possible cancellation of the Winter Classic will push the sides to finish a deal, don't forget the NHL put an escape clause in the deal allowing them to hold the game in 2014 instead.

When are you expecting opening night to occur?

November 26
November 206
December 12
January 12
October, 20133
Who cares, I'm watching minor league or college hockey.3
I'm watching basketball in protest.2
I'm watching NASCAR in protest.0
Sorry, I was busy drowning my sorrows and didn't hear the question.4